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Professors : Review the calendar below. Click on a technician's name to visit their personal webpage. Contact the technician directly to discuss collaboration. When ready to hire a technician, contact CEOAS administration to ensure all necessary administrative actions are taken.
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Yvan Alleau %%%%%%
Elemental Analyses (CHN, TC/TN, TOC/TON), Surface Area, EA-IRMS, CuO (lignin), GC, GCMS.// Other analyses done in the past: DOC, TCEA-IRMS, Fluorometry, Spectrophotometry, Amperometry. Happy to learn some new ones. // Lab management, Sea-going, Cruise logistics // For more: check my Vita on CEOAS website
Erik Arnesen
SolidWorks CAD drafting and design, machining and welding, outdoor construction and electrical repair, oceanographic gear deployments and recoveries, moorings, micro-computer programming, sea-going technical work, heavy lifting
Ian Black %%%%%%%%%
( At-sea deployment and recovery of moorings, profilers, and AUVs., Elec and mech assembly of in-situ platforms and oceanographic instrumentation., Rapid prototyping with Arduino and RPi platforms., Proficient in MATLAB, R, Arduino, and LaTeX., Experience with Python, bash scripting, and AutoCAD., Troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical issues., Development of marine-based lesson plans and curricula for high schools., Interested in learning new skills
Chris Holm
ICPMs,ICPOES,LCMS, GCMS, Analytical Chemistry, analyzing Cu, Zn, and Fe using FIA, design and fabrication of custom oceanographic tools and instrumentation, machining and TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone bronze, piloting and programming of autonomous vehicles and instruments, deployment and recovery of heavy equipment at sea
David Langner
Field logistics planning; Buoy, mooring and instrument design and development; instrument maintenance, rigging, deployment and recovery; Remote sensing platform setup installation; etc...
Jesse Muratli %%%%%%%%%%%
Microwave-assisted sample digestion; trace metal analysis in seawater or in digested materials by ICP-OES and ICP-MS, from Lithium to Uranium, including analysis by isotope dilution; column chromatography to isolate Sr and Nd for isotopic analysis using Multicollector ICP-MS
Jasmine Nahorniak
ocean color satellite data, programming (perl, matlab, python, html, php), data processing, data management, websites, databases
Peder Nelson
geographic data collection, GIS Analysis, Remote Sensing Analysis using ENVI/Google Earth Engine, science communication, volunteered geographic data, citizen science
Stuart Pearce
Slocum Glider Operation, Maintenance, and Repair. Instrumentation maintenance and operation. Data processing and analysis. Python, Matlab, and Bash shell programming proficient. Website, Visual Basic, C, Java Script, Arduino, and Processing capable. Linux Server Administration. Electronics assembly and minor troubleshooting. Deployment and recovery of oceanographic equipment. Minor fabrication and construction of custom oceanographic instrumentation and platforms.
Andrew Ross
Analytical Chemist, Stable Isotope Analysis, Dissolved Oxygen, Nutrients, ICP-OES, ICP-MS.
Ben Russell
Solidworks modeling and design of components and instrumentation. Component and system design consultation. Full prototype development services. Fabrication and specification of mooring components. Full machine shop services including manual and CNC processes. Welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum.
Jonathan Whitefield
At-sea experience includes deployment/recovery of anchored and drifting moorings, CTD sampling and operation (beta tester for Seasave v7), and AUVs. Lab experience includes processing of dissolved oxygen, salinity, 14C radioisotopes, and plankton trawls. Proficient in MatLab, and happy to work with large data sets with processing, analysis, and management. Also several years experience with Slocum glider operation and maintenance. Willing to learn new skills and techniques!
Johna Winters
Seabird instrumentation, triaxus, cable-making (splice molds), deployment of heavy equipment at sea, nets, moorings, CTD deployments, troubleshooting of oceanographic instruments, rigging, USCG AB Unlimited License
Marnie Jo Zirbel %%
HPLC facility manager. Flow cytometry; confocal & epi microscopy; collection, ID & sterile culture of phyto- & zooplankton; stable & radioisotope experiments; radiation safety; international research cruise logistics; deployment and recovery of nets, moorings, landers & towed vehicles.
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